Just Married

Mas and I were married on September 22 with our friend Morten Wellhaven officiating. It was a beautiful day – a bit of rain in the morning so not too hot, and a bit of sun in the afternoon to greet us. We had a small ceremony in our garden followed by a delightful Chinese banquet with our community of family and friends.

We are now off to Japan, and look forward to continuing our exploration of suiseki art when we return. See you then!

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5 Responses to Just Married

  1. Will Heath says:

    Beautiful setting for a wonderful marriage, congratulations!


  2. Dave Caccamo says:

    Dear Janet and Mas,
    Congratulations!Bill Webster sent me this site to look at and there you two where,What a surprise!You probably don`t remember me,I was at the last stone symposium in P.A.. Because of Mas ,I have felt that it was acceptable for me to make bases for my stones other than the traditional type .I know some people don`t agree but since Mas is doing it, I feel it is o.k. for me to.
    I hope to see you at the symposium in Oct.
    Best regards,

    Dave Caccamo


  3. Georgann says:

    Janet, you looked fabulous! Seems like it was one fine day! Congratulations to you and Mas.


  4. Mike Pollock says:

    Congratulations! Looks like a beautiful, beautiful day.

    Have a wonderful trip; see you soon.



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