San Francisco Suiseki Kai California Suiseki Society
California Aiseki Kai Nippon Suiseki Association
Chiara Padrini 日本水石協会
 Sam & KJ’s Suiseki


Bay Island Bonsai Bay Island Bonsai Show Books
Boon Manakitivipart Michael Hagedorn
Bonsai Smiths Golden State Bonsai Federation
International Bonsai

3 Responses to Links

  1. Hey Mas and Janet,

    Your site is truly amazing. What an outstanding resource for those needing information on bonsai trees.

    I recently created a piece of content that I am calling “Bonsai Trees: The Definitive Guide” that is basically a collection of some of the most helpful bonsai information available, all in one place. I would greatly appreciate your opinion about it.

    If you think it is worthy to be shared on your blog, fantastic! If not, keep up the excellent work with the blog as I know it is appreciated.

    Please let me know what you think and if you have any questions!



  2. Daan Giphart says:

    Hi, so nice to have found your blog and i shared it in the suiseki group on facebook.
    my name is;Daan Giphart
    please do have a look at my facebook page and to the photo page of my friend Jos Corstjens , on the site are also many shohin and suiseki, of me.(



  3. Gisea Lee says:

    I visited your site and I know that the art of suiseki is also known in USA.
    I am a collector of Suiseki. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia.
    I opened Indoneian Suiseki site, there I uploaded the stones which I collected for more than 15 years.
    The address is
    Please visit my site and enjoy it.

    And could you post my website address at the ‘Links’ section of your website.

    Best regards,

    Gisea Lee


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