Carmel Trip

Golden State; Waves at sunset north of Santa Cruz; May 2008

Mas and I drove down to Carmel for a night to visit our friends Phil and Debby. On our first day, they took us to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Debby used to be a docent there so she was our personal tour guide.

Many aquariums have a variety of fish tanks that show marine life from all over the world. The Monterey Bay Aquarium concentrates on the life local to the Bay. It is flushed daily with new water which brings with it the plankton from the bay. The exhibits are filled with small animals, such as anemones, that have seeded themselves from the outside.

The displays and tanks are all carefully constructed by someone with a restrained, artistic eye. The jellyfish exhibit stands out in my memory – it is hauntingly beautiful.

The next day we visited a couple of art galleries in Carmel, including the Winfield Gallery. The owner, Chris Winfield, is the older brother of Robin Winfield – one of the gallery artists and my high-school classmate. It was nice to see Robin and Chris, and the gallery was a treat. He represents a large group of artists, including their father, Rodney Winfield, and all three of Chris’ siblings (Robin, David, and Nancy). It also turned out that Debby and Chris had gone to the same high school in St. Louis and knew people in common!

After a lovely outdoor lunch at the Village Corner restaurant, we enjoyed the 17-mile drive along the beautiful Monterey Bay shore. A highlight of our tour was the view of the Walker Residence, designed in the 1940’s by Frank Lloyd Wright. Mrs. Walker asked him to design a small house (she lived alone) that would fit into the landscape and not block anyone else’s views. The house seems like an extension of the land it sits on. After all the grandiose mansions of Pebble Beach, this little house is beautiful in its modesty.

After saying goodbye to our friends, we drove home on Highway 1 along the Pacific Ocean, and stopped to watch the sun go down. We sat on the cliff, all alone in the quiet, and enjoyed the brilliant, golden sunset.

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One Response to Carmel Trip

  1. DAWK says:

    forgot to mention: there was one particular grey/white,deep gouged-extreemly river carved,yet smooth,marble boulder,about six feet long,which was definatly of suisuki quality,which I photographed and tried to figure a way to haul it out of the canyon. i may have some pics fron back then,as this marble rock was amazingly carved and released from the marble walls,which towered some 35 feet above,thus causing some of the carved marble to drop…into the middle of this narrow canyon of about fifty yards wide.the river-obviously kept carving this boulder during floods.
    I often tried to get someone to fund a helicopter and lift this bolder out,then sell it for thousands to a interior design firm,but never considered suiseki ,except was aware of ‘bonzi’,so knew somewhat it’s value. this boulder is likley-still there,as the remoteness of this canyon with mostly gold dredging and pot growers ,still means one has to take caution when being fact,this was too remote to dredge,lest one used a chopper to haul equipment in.lastly,if one did remove this marble boulder with a chopper,there will likley be GOLD under this boulder! unless some dregers have moved it since then. good luck! cheerz from DAWK


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