The Sky Behind the Sky

October 16, 2009

About eight or nine years ago, Mas started using spray paint on   wood boards to create his suiseki art, and soon developed his technique to make paintings. 

When I first met him, Mas was making paintings in his “Atmosphere” series.   At the time, Mas told me that he was trying to “paint the sky behind the sky”.  Light seems to pour from his paintings, and I swear they can brighten a dark room. 

Mas’ pictures are not representational landscapes, rather he tries to free his mind from any intention when he paints.  But, like suiseki, the resulting images evoke the natural world and bring it into our human life. 

Space: Sunrise, 2/24/2009; 24
Space: Sunrise, 2/24/2009; 24"x48", oil on panel
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