Janet Roth

Missouri 173My first encounter with the Japanese traditional arts was when I discovered bonsai at the East Bay Bonsai Society, which I joined in 1983.  I was subsequently introduced to suiseki by Felix Rivera, the founder of the California Suiseki Society. Through my interest in suiseki I had the incredible good fortune to meet and marry Mas Nakajima, who was one of the pioneers of suiseki art in California and recogniced around the world for his craftsmanship and artistry.  I joined the San Francisco Suiseki Kai, of which Mas was one of the original members, and served as President from 2010-2019, at which point we merged the operations of SF Suiseki Kai and California Suiseki Society into the new umbrella of the Suiseki Societies of Northern California.  I am also a member of the California Aiseki Kai and was a founding member of Bay Island Bonsai.

Mas and I collaborated in studying and writing about the art of suiseki and I am the editor and webmaster of this site.

You can email me at “janet @ jtroth . com” or use the form below.  (Note, if you do not receive a reply from me in a few days, please check your email provider’s “spam” or “bulk” folders.)

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  1. […] Even if the perfect stone for you is not in this list, I hope you enjoy viewing them. Thank you for your consideration and enjoy! You can find contact information for Janet here: https://suisekiart.com/janet-roth/ […]


  2. […] of you just look at the pictures). There’s another photo (also from Boon’s workshop) of Janet Roth working on this tree that says, Janet is working on her show tree for Jan 2014 show. Yes 2014. […]


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