Mas Nakajima Suiseki Sale

I am happy to announce a group of suiseki by Mas Nakajima are available for purchase.  The current catalog is available here: Mas Nakajima Suiseki Sale .

This catalog of stones for sale will be updated as items are sold, and additional stones will be added over time. A few suiseki with bases made by others are also included.

Please make note of the following information:

  • Some of the stones for sale are large and heavy, and thus the buyer will need to work with me to arrange for someone to pick up the stone (and if necessary, box and ship it to you). 
  • For smaller stones I will box and ship them. The shipping costs will be included in the payment due. 
  • Payment is by Paypal “friends and family”.  I will ship the suiseki to you after payment is received.
  • It might take some time for me to get it done, depending on circumstances.  But I promise we will be in regular communication!

Even if the perfect stone for you is not in this list, I hope you enjoy viewing them. Thank you for your consideration and enjoy! You can find contact information for me here:

8 Responses to Mas Nakajima Suiseki Sale

  1. Jeasuk Bark says:

    I interest your suiseki so i would like to visite your shop can you arrange for me.
    Now i live in philippines.
    From Jeff.Park


  2. Glenn Takeoka says:

    Hi, Janet: I am interested in purchasing a Suiseki from the collection. I am interested in #126 and possibly # 158. Is #158 a cut stone? It appears to have marks at the diaza rock interface.

    Thank you.


  3. Chris says:

    Hi, here is Christoph Daim from
    I would like to buy #245 and get it shipped to Austria,- what should I do next?! Best regards, Chris


    • Janet Roth says:

      Chris, you can contact me directly through the page linked in my announcement. I also found an email address for you at your youtube site and will email you directly.


  4. Linda Burman-Hall says:

    Hi Janet — Such a nice offering. # 279 speaks of the wonderful vision Mas had, and we would advise you to retain it for your personal collection. The treatment with the daiza is a unique Mas vision. Tim can only hope some of his diazas work as well as this for his own stones. We look forward to when you will consider to sell the next group of Mas’s stones, if ever that will be.— Linda & Tim



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