Suiseki at the Asian Art Museum

The San Francisco Asian Art Museum is hosting a suiseki exhibit, put on by the California Suiseki Socity, as part of its AsiaAlive program (it will run through November 25, 2007). Mas and our friend Hideko Metaxas were asked to participate.

Hideko joined San Francisco Suiseki Kai when it was founded in 1981. She travels around the world lecturing on the display of the Japanese arts or bonsai, suiseki, and ikebana.

To accompany the suiseki exhibit Hideko created a formal display using, Mas’ Fuji-san suiseki, in the tokonoma of the museum’s tea room. The antique scroll and incense burner are from her collection.

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2 Responses to Suiseki at the Asian Art Museum

  1. Janet Roth says:

    It was truly our pleasure. You and Felix and the rest of your group did an outstanding job. Thank you for allowing us to participate! -Janet


  2. Bob Carlson says:

    Dear Mas and Janet,
    Many thanks for your participation in the Asian Museum show. The stones that you displayed were very evocative, a huge addition to the impact of the show. I found myself anticipating being at the edge of the river, and hoping that what I absorbed from viewing your stones would influence my search. Thank you both so much.
    Bob Carlson


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