Yosemite Winter


Bridge over Merced River

Mas and I feel very lucky to live within a few hours drive of Yosemite Valley.  We visit often and there is always a warm feeling of being at home, walking familiar paths to well-loved places.  But each time we are there, it is different.  The sun and shadows lie on a cliff face differently, a tree has grown or died, some rock has fallen. It is a living place which feels like a friend.

This visit we walked up to Mirror Lake by a route we hadn’t used before, and found this bridge across the river.

Click on the photo for the Winter Yosemite gallery

3 Responses to Yosemite Winter

  1. Andrei says:

    Greetings from faraway Bavaria! It is great to recognize the same feelings as we have here: trees and plants and little animals around the house, all good and dear friends…
    Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year!


  2. rgould1003@aol.com says:



  3. mcktextiles says:

    Fantastic! Thanks for sharing the photos. I’m jealous. Need to plan a trip to Yosemite soon.


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